Machine learning and artificial intelligence sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but what most people dont realise is that they are probably already using it, or part of a company that is. They may not have poked their heads round your office doors yet but its only a matter of time as their importance continues to grow.  Businesses today are making the most of ML and AI to optimize processes and productivity and ultimately drive their organizations towards innovative success, is yours? ML and AI are here to stay. Here’s some example of how they could massively impact your company:

  1. Chatbots
    A few years ago having conversations with real customer service representatives was a universally frustrating and comedic experience. Nowadays the game has changed thanks to machine learning algorithms that offer improved recognition and data analytics, which provides dramatically reduced data collection times and optimizes the services that businesses can offer users. Chatbots learn on the job. They monitor and draw insights from each interaction, and learn how to improve for the next one. They detect emotions and feelings and allow businesses to concentrate on important projects by answering common questions and performing routine tasks so they dont have to. It advances business pace and streamlines the way analysts use their time to be more productive. With the rapid growth of data collection, Machine Learning perfectly prepares businesses for the everchanging future by offering their users chatbots.
    2. Improved Workplace Communication
    Workplace communication can often be confusing and the fact that it can be distributed across various channels and through different solutions, further renders employees lives difficult. This content overload prevents employees from achieving target objectives and causes many individuals to take work home with them, effecting their work-life balance and overall work satisfaction. AI can improve businesses internal and external communication by offering them individual personalization to help increase productivity. Employees will have their own virtual assistant aiding them with mundane, repetitive tasks. They will understand both their struggles and their goals to offer recommendations as to how they could use their time more efficiently. These virtual assistants help reduce stress, optimize productivity and create a happier workplace environment.
    3. Human Resources
    The goal of AI is not to take the human out of HR, as some people may fear, but exactly the opposite. Thanks to AI, HR employees will have the opportunity to work closer with people in the business or potential candidates. AI will automate the more mundane and time-consuming tasks of HR like paperwork and data entry so its workers can concentrate on the more human part of the organization. We are in the era of big data. HR employees receive and manage data on a massive scale, from qualification verification, compensation management and employees feelings and approach towards policies. Their databases are always growing and manual management has become impossible. Machine learning stores, processes and manages this data and offers insights and analytics. It offers predictions of key movements like role success and adverse events and their effects so teams can develop parameters to deal with them. This also includes understanding a candidates credentials and analysing whether they would be a good fit for the job. ML streamlines applicant discovery, aids recruitment and frees up teams efforts to focus on other projects.
    4. Smart Security
    Artificial intelligence has changed the game for businesses security, and all for the better. Improvements are still needed, but the strides its taken to secure companies data is revolutionary. With it, organisations can detect vulnerabilities in user behaviour and provide high security identity detections. Employees can be examined by face and voice detectors and cameras, and in case of danger signs, users will be seized. They will also detect suspicious behaviour on users computers, so if an attacker or virus has intercepted a system, the necessary actions will be taken and disaster will be avoided. In the long run, businesses will save both time and money and will be kept at ease knowing their data is safe.

    Machine learning and AI solutions continue to grow, becoming faster, smarter and more innovative. The opportunities they offer companies is neverending and the influence they will have on our business processes and solutions in the future is unimaginable. Brintia continues to develop innovative and cutting edge solutions to help companies in their digital transformation journey and we are very excited about the future.… Watch this space!

    Written by: Brintias Team